CR Ep 102: On Location at Stairway to the Stars 2023

In this episode of the Curious Realm host Christopher Jordan ventures forth on location at the Stairway to the Stars 2023 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.



In our first day of coverage we welcome Kathleen Ball to discuss her research into the Knights Templar and her discovery of a Templar cave in Brazil. Our next guest is artist, Susan Walter. Using the mediums of colored pencils as well as traditional paint, she also utilizes actual crushed crystals and minerals into her Solfeggio inspired art. Our final day one guest is researcher and adventure Brad Olsen. We discuss his research into various anomalies in Antarctica which may well hold keys to lost civilizations.

In day two of Curious Realm’s on location coverage of the Stairway to the Stars 2023 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, host Christopher Jordan welcomes Author, researcher, and host of Expedition Bigfoot, Ronny LeBlanc. We discuss his many years of on the field cryptid and paranormal research, as well as his popular “Monsterland” series of books. Our next guest is author and tour guide Hayley Ramsey. We talk about the many hidden secrets of the Knights Templar as well as her journeys to mysterious places. Next, we sit down and visit with Jason Quitt to discuss his voluminous word decoding images from various ancient civilizations and their vast knowledge of not only geometry, but of the Earth place among the planets, as well as the degree of the Earth’s tilt and more. Our next guest is none other than the famous voice behind the narration for Ancient Aliens and The Curse of Oak Island, Robert Clotworthy. We chat about his career as a narrator and how working on these shows have changed his worldview. Next, we have Joshua Sisler of Ancient Atzlan, a group dedicated to the preservation of ancient handmade artifacts depicting not only aliens, but also alien-human hybridization, and more! Next, we have a chance to talk with artist Anthony Mickel of Fabric to the Universe. We talk about his work with Ancient Atzlan, and how his calling to help preserve artifacts depicting aliens helped him return to his art.

In our final day of Curious Realm’s on location coverage of the Stairway to the Stars 2023 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, host Christopher Jordan welcomes experiencer and abductee, Erich Degner to discuss the incredible story behind his being taken in broad daylight in a crowd of dancing people lead to a whole new focus ion his life. Our next guest is Arcturian scientist and Starfleet Captain Arcturus Ra. We discuss the issues facing humanity and what we can do to better align ourselves with our cosmic brotherhood. Next, we visit with Jim Lawrence, UFO researcher out of New Brunswick, Canda to discuss some of the many cases he has investigated over the year. Our next day three guest is Steven Bassett, Disclosure lobbyist, and founder of Paradigm Research Group as well as the new Hollywood Disclosure Alliance. A group dedicated to bringing media professionals and scientists in the world of UFO/UAP research together to properly bring the truth of these anomalies to the people. Our final guest is remote viewer and paranormal researcher Tracy Garbutt Dolan. We discuss how she first came to the world of remote viewing and how modern science is confirming the statistical science of the practice.

Join the Curious Realm as we delve into the topics of UFO/UAP disclosure, the paranormal, lost history and more at the 2023 Stairway to the Stars conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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