The light of truth shines in darkness!

Christopher Jordan is the founder and host of “Curious Realm”, a program that explores interesting and unusual topics related to science, technology, history and culture. Christopher creates informative and entertaining episodes that delve into various topics such as ancient civilizations, conspiracy theories, and futuristic technologies, interviewing experts, and exploring these topics in greater depth. Known for his engaging presentation style, making complex topics accessible to a wide and ranging audience.

Curious Realm sheds light on the hard conversations and fringe topics usually skipped over by mainstream media. We believe that within these conversations lies the opportunity to build unity, understanding and common empathy among people and by avoiding them we are effectively stunting our growth as a human society! Join us as we delve into the deepest realms of human curiosity and beyond. Visit our LISTEN LIVE page and join the conversation every Tuesday night at 8pm CST!

The Curious Realm Story

Christopher Jordan
Christopher Jordan ~Host~

In the summer of 2015, I was at an impasse in life. After years of being active as a media producer, a/v engineer and even a teacher I suddenly found myself slightly lost. Professionally I was excelling, but personally I was adrift and without direction. It was then I realized what was missing…the conversation!

I had always been involved with the world around me as a whole; I considered myself a cog in a greater machine that is the Universe. Though my sense of personal success had never been tied to this thought form, my sense of personal mission and belonging in the world undoubtedly was. It was upon this realization that I began my mission to wright my path and began the podcast known as Dudes n Beer.

Dudes n Beer was dedicated to conversation and opening minds and hearts to the idea that conversation, specifically conversation on topics you may not agree with, is the root of our civilized society. America was founded in a local pub by a group of people who lived different lives, had different religious beliefs, and even differing personal philosophies. Yet these common people were able to come together through uncommon means to topple an army and found a nation. All because they were willing to have the conversation.

I decided from that point on I would ALWAYS be willing to have the conversation and I would make a place for that conversation to exist. Thus it was that the Dudes n Beer podcast came to be. Beginning as weekly forum of beverages and casual conversation on topics that mattered and may not be covered in the media. It started out with Myself, and good friend Steven Bishop co-hosting and a rotating cadre of other such as Nelson Kugle, Matthew “Fitz” Fitzgerald, as well as Julie Connally. As we neared our third year I began traveling more regularly for work and we began featuring more guests. As this format progressed things slowly migrated away from the forum of many at the table having conversations that mattered to a forum of host and guest deep diving into topics that touched on major issues that affect our society and humanity a whole.

Fast forward to 350 episodes and 5 years of being on air and the Dudes n Beer podcast has grown into a community driven by conversation. Not only in our show but throughout our social media presence. With the mission of conversation and bringing these important conversations to the largest audience possible it became perfectly clear that the only solution to growing the message of the show and reach a larger audience was to rebrand and maintain the mission and community at hand. So here we are in our new incarnation Curious Realm. And like a phoenix rising from the ashes, we bring you bigger guests, longer shows and more amazing content than ever.

Stay tuned for upcoming guest announcements, new episodes and more!