HC Universal Network

From podcasts and broadcasts, to news and digital publications, the HC Universal Network aims to provide only the best quality content on the internet ranging from topical to niche, instructional to just plain fun. Our content is guaranteed to keep get you thinking and scratch that digital media itch.

Podcast Cadet

Podcast Cadet has one guiding principle: ANYONE can podcast…if given the right start and proper support. From beginners just starting out to professionals against the wall, and even businesses starting podcasts to get their name or build brand awareness, podcasters across the industry need help at varying experience levels. 

That’s where Podcast Cadet comes in!

The Talking Sound Podcast

Talking Sound was created to bring aspiring audio engineers and recording musicians not only the best of old and new technologies in the audio field, but also the benefits of the knowledge of application of these technologies in both live and studio environments.

Dr Kimberly McGeorge

Kimberly McGeorge, ND, CNH, combines “science with possibility” and  has been experimenting with frequencies in products and with her clients for the last decade and a half. After consulting with an esteemed  neurosurgeon, Kimberly realized that the frequencies she had been  using could be applied to all areas of her client’s lives. Kimberly has over 24 years of clinical experience in both the alternative health and energy healing field.

True Hemp Science

We promise you premium quality, pure ingredients and true value. True Hemp Science strives for natural purity in our ingredients as well as transparency and excellence in our relationship with our customers. We source the highest grade organic hemp from around the world to hand-craft the finest full spectrum CBD products. 

True Hemp Science offers the best CBD Oils and Products in the Austin, Texas area.

Austin Hot Mods

Based in Austin, TX Austin Hot Mods provides modification to guitar pedals and guitars as well as gear diagnosis, repair and a full line of custom sound devices

KPNL Radio

KPNL plays both podcasts and music. If you listen closely; you will hear that even our music carries the paranormal themes of our podcasts as well as featuring some songs with supernatural ties themselves.


LITM Media

LITM Media is a publicist company that specializes in providing marketing solutions for their clients. Primarily, LITM Media connects its clients with radio shows, podcasts, conferences, and other events. Though a newcomer in the industry, LITM is quickly building a name for itself among the late-night radio genre. Each day Michelle works her magic to fulfill every item on each of her client’s wish lists, AND for an affordable price to boot!

Epic Sales Advisors

We equip our clients with aggressive digital marketing strategies focused only on channels where we know their target demographic is paying attention. How do we know where the target audience is focusing their attention? Experience.

LA Marzulli

L. A. brings passion, inspiration, and deep research experience to the intersection of current events, prophecy, and the supernatural. He travels the world to dig up new truths and create revelatory content for his community of followers.


Marchand Heritage Brooms

A good tool should bring its user as much satisfaction as the result of the task for which it is designed. We create functional art to be used and enjoyed!

Bobalu Cigar Co.

Since 1997 Bobalu has made and manufactured all of their own lines of cigars. You can deal direct with the factory, NO middlemen, NO typical overpriced and stale cigars, only a huge stock of great-tasting cigars from the most exotic tobaccos to the largest selection of shapes, sizes and blends available anywhere north of Havana.

J.L. Carpenter Law & Associates

J.L. Carpenter has worked both sides of the aisle, prosecuting and defending people facing criminal charges. In addition to gaining trial experience as a prosecutor, Attorney Carpenter has trained under highly skilled defense lawyers.  In 2006, J.L. Carpenter worked alongside the Honorable Craig A. Washington in United States v. Tyrone Mapletoft Williams what became known as the truck driver case.  In 2008, Lawyer Carpenter also assisted Attorney Chip B. Lewis in the State of Texas v. Timothy Shepherd a highly publicized murder trial in Harris County, Texas.  What that means for you as a client is that she understands how the prosecution thinks, what they are likely to look for as evidence and in negotiating a plea bargain should the case not go to trial. It also means Attorney Carpenter has the respect of her colleagues in the court. They know they can trust her judgment and you can, too.

Yes But Why Podcast

The Yes But Why Podcast is an in depth discussion on Comedy, the art of Comedy, Writing and Improv, by comedians featuring comedians discussing their connection to this most ancient of arts.

Radical Empathy Education Foundation

Radical Empathy Education Foundation (REEF) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing experiential education VR applications to help students, educators, and organizations learn about important social issues.

Our awareness and educational application, TRAPPED: A VR Detective Story, which teaches the dangers and warning signs of human trafficking, is now available on WEARVR. Learn more about it here!

Astronomers Without Borders

Boundaries vanish when we look skyward. One People, One Sky

We all share the same sky, and Astronomers Without Borders brings the world together to share our passion of astronomy and the wonders of the Universe. Observing projects bring people together to share their activities with each other. And in the process of looking outward together, we learn about each other and create lasting bonds, regardless of country or culture. It is this bond between people that Astronomers Without Borders hopes to foster.

UT Center for Identity

The University of Texas at Austin established the Center for Identity to serve as a center of excellence for identity management, privacy, and security. The Center research and education programs are delivering new and innovative advances to anticipate and mitigate current and future identity threats. Serving as a state and national treasure, the Center meets a wide range of needs for research, best practices, applications, and education while offering leadership, vision, and solutions for now and well into the future.

The best DWI/DUI defense in Austin,TX provided by “The Badass Lawyer” himself Mr Adam Reposa Esquire.

Rule of Law Radio

Former Sheriff Eddie Craig, Randy Keaton and Deborah Stevens discuss the hard hitting world of police, the law and protecting your rights.

Mecum Auto Auctions

The Mecum Auction Company is the world leader of collector car, vintage and antique motorcycle, and Road Art sales, hosting auctions throughout the United States. The company has been specializing in the sale of collector cars for 27 years, now offering more than 15,000 vehicles per year and averaging more than one auction each month.

HC Productions

HC Productions is a full service sound, lighting and video company specializing in live production and broadcast

Pretty Cool Art

Pretty Cool Art is the official website for Austin, TX Based artist and music promoter Christopher J Ogelsby

The official website of former officer Eddie Craig. Want to know how to protect your rights during an unlawful traffic stop? Need to know how to defend yourself against cross examination in open court? This is the place to find the answers!

Rockstar Magazine

Rockstar Magazine covers everything from upcoming artists, industry news, tech articles and more…

Scary Dad

Scary Dad is one of the most awesome DIY sites on the interwebs with projects galore and awesome articles to boot!