CR Ep 089: LIVE at IRVA and Monroe Institute PsiFest 2023

Welcome PSIfest 2023 in Charlottesville, Virginia, brought to you by the International Remote Viewing Association and The Monroe Institute. We had the unique opportunity to sponsor the event and speak with many of the remote viewers presenting at the conference. Join us for a unique insight into the world of remote viewing with the actual researchers leading this unique field of scientific research.



In the first day of Curious Realm coverage of PSIfest 2023 host Christopher Jordan welcomes Debra Lynne Katz, PH.D. current president of IRVA, the International Remote Viewing Association, creator, of the IRVA Research Unit, as well as founder and lead instructor of the International School of Clairvoyance. We discuss the mission of IRVA as well as the world of clairvoyance and remote viewing. Our Second guest is visionary Yaw Nesari discussing the Carbonic Truth of humanity and the concept that we are each a unique “Diamond Vehicle” which changes the world around us as we traverse time and space through the attachment of our vibration to the carbon we exhale every moment. Next up we speak with Julia Ann Mossbridge PhD, founder of The Mossbridge Institute, co-founder of TILT, The Institute for Time and Love, and author of The Premonition Code. We discuss how her lifetime of precognitive dreams lead her to the study of the science of precognition and remote viewing. Our final first day guest is a remote viewing legend, member of the US Government’s Stargate Remote Viewing Program, and author of the book Seventh Sense, Lyn Buchanan. We talk about how he came to be recruited into the Stargate program, some of the assignments he was tasked to while in the top-secret unit, and how his life was changed by one remote viewing session he will never forget!

In the second day of the Curious Realm coverage of PSIfest 2023 we welcome our first guest Angela Thompson Smith, PhD, founder of Mindwise Consulting, and author of Tactical Remote Viewing, and other book on the topic of remote viewing. We discuss how the out of body experiences she had as a child led her to studying the science of OBEs and remote viewing. Our second guest is Jon Knowles, author of Remote Viewing from the Ground Up and other titles. We talk about the recent UAP Whistleblower hearings in Congress, their impact, and the applications of remote viewing in the realm of ongoing UAP research. Next, we welcome Michael Green, Yoga instructor, and bookseller who has been providing the bookstore to IRVA conferences since their beginnings. We talk about the amazing community of remote viewers that attend the IRVA conferences annually as well as the growth of awareness of this amazing field of parapsychological research. Our final day two guest is Maureen Seaberg, writer for Psychology Today specializing in the senses, and author of the book Fearfully and Wonderfully Made. We talk about the depth to which human senses reach and the true superpowers that lie within all of us!

In our final and third the Curious Realm coverage of PSIfest 2023 we welcome Pam Coronado, a precognitive dreamer, former President/Vice President of IRVA and star of the popular series Sensing Murder a program which teams pam and top psychics with police to help them with unsolved murder. We talk about her first precognitive dream of someone’s death and how her mission became helping the families of victims. Our next guest is paranormal researcher, founder of HOPE Paranormal, creator of HSB/Pro spirit communication app and author of Finding Hope in the Afterlife, Johua Louis. We talk about his approach to paranormal research, the connection we have with spirit guides, and how our spirit guides can assist in remote viewing sessions. Our final guest is Robert Beringer. We discuss Vibravision the amazing new mental martial art, and personal energy system which unlocks your individual psychic potential!

Join the Curious Realm as we venture to PSIFest 2023, a joint event of the International Remote Viewing Association and the Monroe Institute in Charlottesville, Virgina to talk with researchers, authors and more!

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