CR Ep 090: LIVE at Texas UFOcon 2023

In this episode of the Curious Realm host Christopher Jordan travels to Jefferson, Texas for Texas UFOcon 2023.



 Our first guest is Patrica O’Connell, author of the book Bleedthrough: A true story of aliens, demons, and pure evil. We discuss her brother’s contact experience, how it led him to a life of helping contactees tell their story, and the story of one Texas man who shot and buried an alien on his property!

Our second guest author, researcher, and former murder detective, Marth Hazard Decker, to discuss the world of paranormal research and evidence gathering. How can the techniques used by police to solve crimes be transferred to the world of paranormal research to help provide a properly catalogued field of evidence when investigating in the field?

Our next guest is researcher and author Tui Snider. We sit down with tui and talk about her research into the great airship wave of 1897. Were all these real and actual sightings, were some just tall tales told in local papers, or were these craft built by a group of humans who were experimenting with powered flight?!

In this segment we sit down with Mitchel Whitington, author of the book Close Encounters of the Texas Kind. We discuss the topic of UFOs in Texas as well as the recent change of zeitgeist when it comes to the type of craft being reported in our skies…why all of the spheres suddenly?!

Next up we have Guerge Bustilloz, MUFON field investigator, we chat about the long-held techniques of MUFON field investigation. Where investigations begin, how evidence collected, and what we can do to gather better evidence when we have our first sighting experience.

In this segment we welcome researcher and documentary film maker Jay Michael to discuss his film Alien Contact: The Pascagoula Encounter. How did Jay’s experience witnessing the craft involved in the Pascagoula case change his life, and how did it lead him to contact other witnesses and ultimately the victims of the famed abduction to tell their stories.

Our final guest is Daniel Alan Jones, researcher and founder of The Vortex. We chat with Daniel about the recent US Government whistleblower hearings, the idea of non-human intelligence, both biologic and non-biologic, and what these revelations mean for the science of UFOlogy and possible coming government disclosure on the topic.

Join the Curious Realm as we travel to Jefferson, Texas for the 2023 Texas UFOcon to discuss the world of UFOs and UAPs in the Lonestar State with researchers, authors, and presenters from the conference.

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