Tues Dec 6th @ 8p CST USOs/UAPs with Mike Turber and Brazilian Templar Mystery with Dr Kathleen Ball

Tune In to the Curious Realm Tuesday December 6th @ 8pm CST as host Christopher Jordan welcomes Mike Turber, investigator with 5×5 News, and security professional to discuss the known world of UAP technologies. We also cover the recent confirmed announcement of a nuclear submarine being passed by an underwater object travelling faster than the speed of sound!

Our second guest is Dr Kathleen Ball, ancient site researcher and the creator of the documentary The Brazillian Templar Mystery. We discuss the long-held history of the so-called demise of the Knights Templar, and how they not only escaped, but managed to conquer the seas and travel all the way to Brazil.

Join the Curious realm Tuesday December 6th @ 8pm CST as we explore the topics of UAP/USO technologies with MIke Turber as well as the Knights Templar Mystery in Brazil with Dr Kathleen Ball.

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