Tues Sept 13th at 8pm CST International Association of Near-Death Studies Conference 2022

Join the Curious Realm Tuesday September 13th at 8pm CST as we venture out to Salt Lake City, Utah as a sponsor of the 2022 International Association of Near-Death Studies conference. While there we had the opportunity to speak with numerous near-death experiencers, as well as researchers in the field, and authors.

We begin with a conversation with NDE experiencer, spiritual medium, and author Mark Anthony. We discuss his experience passing to the other side as well as a lifetime steeped in the paranormal and the reality of living after a voyage to the afterlife.

Next, we are joined by Sarah Hinze to discuss the phenomenon of precognitive dreaming of children who have yet to be born as well as those who may be the reincarnation of a lost relative. Imagine having conversations with your child before you are born, or your 5-year-old having memories of a past life. Could it be that we are but energetic beings temporarily embodied in a physical plane of existence?

Our next guest is researcher, writer, and director Joanna Lunn. Her new movie series take on the topic of death, our journey to it, and how those left behind are affected by it. How is it that our society has come to appoint of fear of death instead of an embracing of another part of our spiritual journey?

In our second day of coverage, we have a chance to talk with author and near-death experiencer, Randy Sheifer. During the depths of the Covid-19 pandemic randy became deathly ill with the dreaded virus. While in the hospital Randy had four near-death experiences that changed his life and the lives of his family forever.

Next, we are joined by author and near-death experiencer, Patricia Grabow. After a near fatal car accident with her two sons Patricia had a near death experience where she was told truths from the other side that could very well change the way we think about climate change.

Up next we are joined by author and spiritual healer, Dr Pamela Gerali to discuss a world of healing and vibration around us as well as the concept of contacting your higher self and how bring yourself to a better balance and understanding of death and near-death experiences.

Our final guest is Vincent Todd Tolman, NDE experiencer, author, and light worker. After spending over an hour in a body bag Vincent was miraculously resuscitated by EMTs en route to the hospital. After coming back Vincent knew his life and his spirit had changed, that he was a different person entirely and had a chance to change everything…so he did!

Join the Curious Realm Tuesday September 13th at 8pm CST as we delve into the topic of near-death experiences at the 2022 International Association for Near-Death Studies conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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