CR Ep 051: LIVE from Texas UFOCon 2022

In this episode of the Curious Realm host Christopher Jordan travels to the first annual Texas UFOCon in Jefferson, Texas. With the topic of UFOs/UAPs on the rise in the media, Texas has become a seeming hotbed of activity. What new research is there on the topic of UAPs and who presented at the inaugural TX UFOCon?



Our first guest is Dr Rita Louise. We have a chance to discuss her research into the common themes between the Gods and myths of cultures across the world and their connections with UFOs.

Stephen Miles Lewis, is the founder of the Anomaly Archives. What does it take to start an archive consisting of years of research, book, and personal libraries of research into the anomalous?

J Michael Long has spent years producing documentaries and researching UFOs and other cover-ups. What have years of interviewing witnesses and whistleblowers revealed to him and what does he make of the government disclosure we are currently seeing.

Nick Redfern is a veteran researcher into subjects such as the Men in Black, the death of Marilyn Monroe, the JFK Assassination as well as UFOs. What changes in the field has he seen over his decades of work and has his research ever brought him into the crosshairs of any alphabet agencies?

Mitchel Whitington joined the world of paranormal and UFO research after his first encounter. Since he has delved headlong into cataloging sighting in the Lonestar state as well as investigating the paranormal and more.

Daniel Alan Jones is founder of The Vortex and a researcher on topics from cryptozoology to the Aurora Texas airship crash of 1897. What has it been like for him to gather the stories of the crash for his new book about the now famed Texas UFO incident?

Our final guest of the conference is Joey “UFO Magnet” George. From a very young age the paranormal began to appear around Joey. No years later he regularly sees lights, craft, orbs and more.

Join the Curious Realm as we delve into the topics of UFOs, the history of UFO Disinformation, attracting UFOs and more at the first annual Texas UFOCon!

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