CR Ep 032: Quantum Weapons with Dr Kimberly McGeorge and MUFON Symposium 2022

In the first part of this episode of the Curious Realm host Christopher Jordan welcomes Dr Kimberly McGeorge to discuss the world of quantum weapons. What are quantum weapons, how are they made and what can we do about them?

In the second part of the episode, we visit Denver, Colorado for two days of live coverage at the 2022 MUFON Symposium.





During our first day of coverage, we visit with Dr Lynne Kitei to discuss her Phoenix Lights experience. We then sit down with Rev Michael Haggard to talk about the relation between the Bible and UFOs. Next, we are joined by Kathleen Marden to discuss the investigation into the abduction case of her aunt and uncle Betty and Barney Hill and her years of work with MUFON. Our final first day guest is researcher Ella LeBain to discuss her years of work on the “Who’s Who in the Cosmic Zoo” series.

In our second day of live MUFON Symposium coverage we are joined by Peter Robbins to discuss his amazing documentary on the life and mysterious death of James Forrestal. Next, we chat with Keith Seland on the topic of the illumination of mankind and how to better prepare ourselves to become part of the Cosmic brotherhood of sentient beings. Following this, we visit with aviation and aerospace researcher Michael Schratt to discuss the many cases of American service members coming forth with their stories of encounters with alien wreckage, bodies and more. Afterward we sit down with Amy Jordan of the Yes But Why Podcast to get her opinion of the event as someone observing from outside field and culture of the UFO research. Finally we are joined by Thom Reed, UFO experiencer and host of the UFOXpo. Thom recounts his family’s famous “Off-World Incident” which has been officially recognized as historic and true by the State of Massachusetts, where Thom has since opened UFO Monument Park in honor of his father and the incident itself.

Join the Curious Realm as we delve into the topics of quantum weapons with Dr Kimberly McGeorge as well as rousing discussions with Ufologists and UFO experiencers at the 2022 MUFON Symposium in Denver, Colorado.

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