LIVE Tues Jan 9th at 8p CST Bigfoot Morphology w Ryan Edwards and Understanding Occult w Richard B Spence

Join the Curious Realm LIVE Tuesday January 9th at 8pm CST as host Christopher Jordan welcomes cryptozoologist and researcher Ryan Edwards to discuss the morphology of the North American Sasquatch and its variation. From region to region, variations such as size, coloration, habitat, and even track size are reported in sasquatch sightings and encounters. Could this information be a key to helping science track and chart this elusive creature?

In the second part of the episode, we welcome author, researcher, and professor emeritus at Idaho State University, Richard B Spence to discuss his all new educational lecture series Secrets of the Occult. In this series on Wondrium, Professor Spence lays bare the truth behind not only the word “Occult” but the man and various occult traditions across the globe through the history of mankind, and even their deep ties to mainstream religion and religious ceremony.

Join the Curious Realm LIVE Tuesday January 9th at 8pm CST as we delve into the topics of Bigfoot morphology with Ryan Edwards and understanding occult with Richard B Spence.

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