LIVE Tues Jan 25 at 8p CST Blind Frog Ranch Research with James Keenan and Healing Properties of CBD with Christopher Lynch

Join the Curious Realm LIVE Tuesday January 25th at 8pm CST as host Christopher Jordan welcomes author and researcher James Keenan to discuss new research and his findings at the famed Bling Frog Ranch in the Uintah Basin of Utah. From possible Spanish gold to massive deposits of iridium and rumors of cursed land, Blind Frog Ranch has been part of paranormal whisperings and anomalous activity for years. But with owner Duane Ollinger at the helm, a whole new realm of research is beginning. James has been studying the area for years and has had the opportunity to contribute to the ongoing research in some amazing ways.

In the second part of the episode, we are joined by Christopher Lynch, owner and product formulator for True Hemp Science, an Austin, Texas based provider of spagyrically processed CBD oils and products. With the recent announcement of a landmark study showing that CBD is a possible preventative against Covid-19 and its variants, CBD has again stepped into the spotlight. But what exactly is CBD? How does it affect our bodies? What are the benefits? Are there any caveats involved with regular CBD use? Christopher Lynch will let you know!

Join the Curious Realm Tuesday January 25th at 8pm CST as we delve into the topics of the lat6est research at Blind Frog Ranch with James Keenan and the amazing properties of CBD with Christopher Lynch of True Hemp Science.

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