CR Ep 126: On Location at the 2024 Fouke Monster festival

In the first part of this episode of the Curious Realm host Christopher Jordan welcomes wildlife conservationist and researcher Chester Moore to discuss his book Bigfoot South, and how many sightings and experiences across the southern United States may be cases of misidentified feral primates.

Our second guest is Brandi Butcher, Co-Host of the popular podcast Blondes and Boos, we discuss her years of exploring the paranormal from investigations in the field to gathering stories of locations and experiences and what we can do to bring paranormal communities and science together.

Up next we welcome cryptozoologist and author Ryan Edwards to talk about his latest book Bigfoot: a Prehistory of a Living Legend as well as the topics of keeping the Zoology in Cryptozoology when it comes to science while maintaining an open and inquisitive mind in the field.

Our next guest is researcher Daniel Alan Jones as we discuss the topic of the 1897 Aurora Crash, as well as other historic anomalies, how we treat them, how they become a part of our culture, and why we as society keep these stories alive.

Our final guest is former professor of Folklore, Marvin Leeper. We talk about the necessity of folklore when it comes to understanding much of the world of cryptozoology. From oral traditions to rock art, and petroglyphs these stories have been long preserved as a part of tribal traditions that are true…why do we seem to only see them as “stories”, and why is preserving them integral to the future of humanity as we know it?



Join the Curious Realm as we delve into the topics of Sasquatch, the Fouke Monster and the true importance of oral tradition LIVE at the 2024 Fouke Monster Festival!

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