CR Ep 092: LIVE at 2023 Paranormal Round Table Dogman and Cryptid Conference

In episode of the Curious Realm host Christopher Jordan ventures to the 2023 Paranormal Round Table Dogman and Cryptid Conference in White Settlement, Texas presented by the Paranormal Round Table.



Our first guest is Jason Mclean, author, researcher, and host of Jason Mclean Questions Everything. We discuss the cryptid known as “Dogman”, as well as the ongoing debate of whether Dogman is a physical being, or a supernatural force using our consent to witness the paranormal to manifest itself in our world?

Our next guest is Cryptozoology researcher Ryan Edwards, author of the book Cryptids of the World. We dig into the topic of the science of cryptozoology, the scientific method, and how mythos and cultural tradition can collide to change the way cryptids are described across generations.

Next, we welcome Daniel Alan Jones, researcher, and lead investigator for The Vortex. We discuss the connections of phenomenology between UFOs/UAPs and other paranormal phenomena such as Dogman, portals, and more.

Up next is researcher Lance Hightower. We discuss the dark world of Government tracking paranormal experiencers and investigators. For years we have heard stories of intimidating bigfoot witnesses, paranormal experiencers being followed or threatened by private contractors, and even becoming what some might consider to be a “Targeted Individual”. What can we do about Big Brother keeping us quiet about paranormal experiences?

Next, we welcome author, cryptid researcher, and anthropologist David Weatherly. We discuss the many legends and stories of monsters in the American West. We discuss the long-held history of a war with a race of giants that led to their ultimate fiery demise in Lovelock Cave.

Next, we welcome Ron Moorehead the legendary Bigfoot field researcher who recorded the famed grouping of bigfoot calls known as “The Sierra Sounds”.

Our final day one guest is actor from the popular series Breaking Bad, and host of the popular Youtube channel Breaking Bigfoot, Jesus Payan Jr. He shares with us his lifetime connection with the paranormal including sightings of UFOs, abduction experiences, and up close contact with Sasquatch.

In our day two coverage of the 2nd annual Paranormal Round Table Dogman and Cryptid Conference we welcome Ann Selene to discuss the various concepts of Lycanthropy throughout history as well as the ways we may be helping manifest entities in the world around us.

Our next guest is Tex Wesson, host of the popular show Tex’s Front Porch. We discuss the many connections between Dogman and the paranormal, as well as the idea that there may be dark entities stalking us in the form of something else.

Next, we welcome explorer, cryptid hunter, and field researcher, Adam Davies. We discuss his recent move to Tennessee and his current field work searching for feral humans that are purported to live in the area.

Up next, we sit down with Cryptozoologist Lyle Blackburn to discuss the famous case of the “Lake Worth Monster”, a large white hominid creature that in the summer of 1969 was reported to have attacked numerous people and been witnessed by many in the Lake Worth area of Texas.

In this segment we sit down with researcher and author Nick Redfern to discuss the many cases of encounters with cryptids, the paranormal, and calamity. From Mothman, to Dogman, and Sasquatch.

As our final guest we welcome back author and researcher Jason Mclean to discuss the coming together of various communities and sometimes opposing thought forms at events like the 2023 Dogman and Cryptid Conference, and the importance of cross-community support between not only researchers to broaden scientific efforts, but also between experiencers to build empathy and a better understanding of the phenomena at large.

Join the Curious Realm as we venture forth to the 2023 Paranormal Round Table Dogman and Cryptid Conference to talk about the mysterious creature known as “Dogman” and other cryptids with researchers, presenters, and authors from the conference!

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