Tues March 22 at 8p CST Haunted Scott County Jail with Kris Sumner and Tiger King Updates with Mike Turber

Tune in Tuesday March 22nd at 8p CST as Curious Realm host Christopher Jordan welcomes Kris Sumner, owner of the Historic Scott County Jail, co-founder of Soul Sisters Paranormal and host of The Jailhouse Informant podcast. We will dig into the long and storied history of the Scott County Jail. The occupants of the jail, and the staff that not only once inhabited the jailhouse but remain as entities that are encountered by the new owners, as well as staff, and paranormal investigators regularly!

In the second part of the show, we are joined by Mike Turber investigator and founder of 5×5 News to discuss the latest updates in the Tiger King investigation as well as intel on the ongoing incursion of Russia into the Ukraine.

Join the Curious Realm Tuesday March 22nd at 8p CST as we delve into the topics of the haunted and historic Scott County Jail with Kris Sumner as well as Tiger King updates and the Ukraine invasion with Mike Turber of 5xnvasion with Mike Turber of 5×5 News.

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