CR Ep 046: 2022 Texas Bigfoot Conference

In this episode of the Curious Realm host Christopher Jordan ventures forth to Jefferson, Texas, the official “Bigfoot Capitol” of the Lonestar State for the 2022 Texas Bigfoot Conference. While onsite we heard tons of stories of the famed cryptid known as “Bigfoot” and had the opportunity to talk with numerous speakers and Sasquatch experiencers.



At the top of the episode, we are joined by researcher Jason Mclean to discuss his research into cryptids in Texas as well as some incredible ties between paranormal phenomena and Bigfoot.

Next, we sit down with Ryan Edwards to discuss his research into Sasquatch type creatures across the globe and how we may be able to find accounts of the creatures throughout the history of humanity.

Our third guest is Bigfoot field researcher Shelly Covington-Montana. We have the chance to talk with her about her field work and her mission to help better the field of the average Sasquatch hunter with her sterile forensic evidence gathering kits.

Our next guest is explorer, researcher, and author Adam Davies. We have the chance to discuss his years of field work researching creatures of legend with indigenous peoples around the world, as well as his experience collecting a Yeti print with television host Josh Gates in Nepal.

Our fifth guest at the conference is sketch artist and field researcher Sybilla Irwin. We discuss her work as a sketch artist and how she is helping many Sasquatch experiencers heal from their frightening experiences with the cryptid.

Our final guest is Ann Selene, host of The Caravan, Library of Lore and founder of KPNL Radio to discuss her harrowing bigfoot and how she became a Bigfoot believer!

 Join the Curious Realm as we delve into the topics of Bigfoot research and more at the 2002 Texas Bigfoot Conference.

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